Monday, October 7, 2013

The Rivalry continues: PS4 and the XBOX

Ben Muzekari
Staff Writer
It's been several months since the announcement of the PS4 and the XBOX One, but now the release dates are coming closer and closer. The expected release for the PS4 is November 15th while the XBOX One is expected to come out a week later, November 22th. However, a big question gamers are asking is, "Which one should I purchase and why?". When comparing the two consoles, there will be many changes to both and figuring out which one to buy will certainly be a difficult task.
 The XBOX One is supposed to be an extraordinary improving from the "normal" XBOX360. The XBOX One will come with a second generation Kinect motion sensor. This motion sensor is new and modified from the old one is expected to be much easier to use because the console will be able to pick up on movements better. In addition, unlike the 360, XBOX One offers a Blu-Ray drive and a DVR for recording gameplay. The Blu-Ray will allow people to watch high definition movies right on their XBOX which is a large benefit compared to having a separate Blu-Ray player. “Its design has to make an appropriate statement that reflects its capability as an all-in-one entertainment system” said Ramiro Torres in an online article on, who is Creative Director of design for the XBOX One.
 On the other hand, the PS4 is expected to create a change as well when it comes to the topic of the gaming world. Sony has also improved the Blu-Ray making it even more impressive than it previously was on the PS3. In addition, the PS4 is region free meaning that people can play PS4 anywhere in the world at any time, regardless of any other factors. In addition, it ships with 500GB HDD in the hard drive. This is already a large amount of space, but people have the option to upgrade the hard drive to even more space if needed. The CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, recently said “true consumer ownership and true consumer struts are central to everything we do" when referring to the PS4 in an online article on
 With the release becoming closer every day, the anticipation is becoming great. They are both great consoles, however, the PS4 is priced at $399 while the XBOX One is priced at $499. We can only wait to see the outcome of these purchases due to the fact of price and logistics of the two futuristic consoles.

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