Wednesday, February 15, 2017

SNL finds a spicy groove in satirizing the Trump administration

Riley Brennan
Features and A&E editor

On the SNL episode that aired on February 4, actress and comedian Melissa Mccarthy, portrayed President Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer in a skit. The skit was then posted to the show’s Youtube account, where it has raked in over 23 million views, and counting. Despite the abrasive character Mccarthy plays, Spicer’s response was more lighthearted than one would expect after seeing the temperament of Mccarthy’s Spicer. When E News asked Spicer what he thought of the skit, he responded, “I think Melissa Mccarthy needs to slow down on the gum chewing...way too many pieces in there.”

 Due to the success of the skit, Melissa came back as a guest star to open the show the following Saturday, once again playing Sean Spicer. Alec Baldwin hosted the show, who has been a guest star on the show quite often, starting months before the actual election, playing Donald Trump. Thanks to Baldwin and Mccarthy, the episode was full of political skits, “featuring” the president, Vladimir Putin, Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, and more. SNL has always featured political skits and sketches, though Donald Trump does not appreciate the ones that feature him, having tweeted many insults aimed at the show. This past January, following an SNL skit featuring him, tweeting, @NBCNews is bad but Saturday Night Live is the worst of NBC. Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television!”. The backlash has yet to cause SNL to stop using Trump as a character on the show.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

La La Land's record breaking win at the Golden Globes

Riley Brennan
Features and A&E editor

In the aftermath of the Golden Globes, everyone is reporting on Meryl Streep’s speech, which was in directed towards President-Elect Donald Trump; however, La La Land won all seven awards it was nominated for, a record breaking achievement.
 The film, which is a musical set in present day Los Angeles, follows Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone playing a struggling musician and actress whose paths cross. La La Land was released worldwide on Dec. 25, 2016, though the production received eight Critic’s Choice Awards, at the Critic’s Choice Awards, over a week before it was released.
 Expectations for La La Land were high prior to the Golden Globes, and it did not disappoint. The film won awards for best motion picture, musical or comedy, best screenplay, best director, best score, and best song. Emma Stone won best actress in a motion picture-musical or comedy, and Ryan Gosling won best actor in a motion picture-musical or comedy. Through winning seven awards, La La Land surpassed the previous records of sixth golden globes held by the films “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” and “Midnight Express,” both of which respectively have six awards. Damien Chazelle won for directing and writing the screenplay for the movie. He originally made his debut with the musical “Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench.”
 Jimmy Fallon hosted the award show, making his entrance with a five-minute musical number, most of which was a parody of La La Land, including some of the most popular scenes from the movie. His opening number featured many celebrities, such as; Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Evan Rachel Wood, Sarah Paulson , Ryan Reynolds, Justin Timberlake, and the children from the Netflix original series, Stranger Things.

Remembering an Iconic Woman: Debbie Reynolds

Amanda Horak, Parker Miele, and Isaac Zucker
Staff Writers

Debbie Reynolds, an incredible actress and singer, died on Dec. 26, 2016 due to a “broken heart.” This was said to have caused a stroke after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, passed away. She was born April 1, 1932 in El Paso, Texas. She was discovered later by Warner Brothers Studio while she was working in beauty pageants. Reynolds made her first cinematic debut in the 1948’s film June Bride.
 After June Bride, she started to excel and leave her mark in Hollywood. At the young age of 19, Debbie Reynolds sang along with Gene Kelly and Donald O’conner in the 1952’s Singing in the Rain. She then had a number one hit in 1957 in singing the emotional ballad “Tammy” from the film Tammy and the Bachelor. Reynolds continued her acting in comedies, romances, and westerns, a few of the most notable being The Rat Race, Pleasure of His Company, and How the West was Won. She was nominated for an Academy Award in 1964 for her lead role in The Unsinkable.
 Reynolds decided to take on a new role with starting on television and performing on stage. She starred in a short sitcom in 1969 on The Debbie Reynolds Show and later on What’s the Matter Helen? in 1971. After a few years in television, she started doing stage work. Reynolds spent the next several years performing in Las Vegas and on Broadway. She received a Tony Award nomination for her role in Irene in 1976.
 In her later life, she returned to films in The Bodyguard and then Heaven and Earth in 1993. In 1996, Reynolds performed in Mother, followed by In & Out. She also started out on a recurring show on NBC called Will & Grace. In November of 2015, she received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian award.
 In her personal life, Reynolds went against Frank Sinatra’s advice not to marry a singer and married crooner Eddie Fisher, who later left Reynolds for actress Elizabeth Taylor. Before their divorce in 1959, the couple had two children, Carrie and Todd. The year after her first divorce Reynolds married another man, Harry Karl, but they later got divorced in 1973 because of his gambling addiction. After 12 years Reynolds got married again to a real estate developer Richard Hamlett and the couple again had problems with money so they divorced in 1996.
 Debbie Reynolds did amazing things in her life, which she will always be remembered for.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' performs at the box office

Riley Brennan
Features and A&E Editor
Since Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them came out this past November, millions of people have  headed to the theaters to see it. But the amount of revenue opening weekend did not live up to expectations in North America. The movie only earned $75 million, which is a small amount, considering the movie cost $180 million to make. Abroad, the movie did wonderfully, soaring to the top of the foreign box office. Internationally it has earned $132 million causing the movie to take in $473.7 million globally. Possible causes as to why the movie did not do as well as expected can be blamed upon the fact that there is no Harry Potter.
 The movie itself has gotten good reviews. At a total of two hours and thirteen minutes, the plot is rich and well developed. There was thoughtful, intricate detail when it came to describing the American wizarding world and the generation it took place in. There are the twists and turns that Potter fans should be accustomed to, and surprisingly dark moments for a movie whose plot revolves around finding lost magical creatures, or “beasts”. The movie ends with many questions left unanswered, but thankfully there will be more Fantastic Beast movies to come. According to Rowling, "We always knew that it was going to be more than one movie — we knew that from the start — so we set a trilogy as a sort of placeholder, because we knew there would be more than one movie. But we’ve now, I’ve now done the plotting properly, so we’re pretty sure it’s going to be five movies."

Get ready for the 2016 Academy Awards

Elizabeth Both
A&E Editor
It may be holiday time, filled with tacky sweaters and cookies up the wazoo, but it's also that dreadful yet exciting time for Oscar movies. The buzz always starts up at the Sundance film festival and extends to the Tribeca festival, the Toronto Film Festival, and the New York Film Festival. “The Birth of a Nation” was an extremely early frontrunner when it first was shown at Sundance earlier this year. Considering it premiered near the time 2016’s Oscar nomination were announced (all of them being white for the second consecutive year), it was praised highly at the film festival. That’s only one film, and there's plenty of others to watch out for.
 First premiering at the Cannes film festival back in the spring, then making its trek to the fall fest circuit, “Loving” directed by Jeff Nichols opens up America’s issue with race.
 “La La Land” has to be the one getting the most buzz. Directed by Damien Chazelle--director of 2014’s sleeper hit “Whiplash”-”La La Land” stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling bursting out into song. If that doesn’t sell you on the film, I truly don’t know what will.
 Natalie Portman stars as Jacqueline Kennedy in (you guessed it) “Jackie” which portrays her husband’s assassination from her point of view. “Passengers” (starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence) could sneak into the race but it might be a tad too mainstream for the Academy voters. Another Sundance hit that is expected to make waves in the awards season is “Manchester by the Sea,” one of the most popular and reviewed movies of the year.
 The Academy Awards, which will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel will air on February 26, 2017. Here’s a little heads up on what to watch out for that night when you hear: “I never heard of that movie!” or “What are they talking about?”. Sadly, no movie of Leonardo DiCaprio eating a bison liver will be premiering this holiday season.

What to expect from Melania Trump in the way of Fashion

Riley Brennan
Features and A&E Editor

The aftermath of President-elect Donald Trump’s victory has been anything but peaceful. Many Americans have made their shock and anger present, whether it be taking to the internet, going to rallies, calling for the end of the electoral college, etc. While the country does not seem to have cooled down completely, speeches about unity and moving forward, from the current president, Barack Obama, and the democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, have helped many people around the country reach a point of acceptance with the results of the election. With the idea of moving forward in mind, a new conversation has been started, focusing on Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, and what can be expected from her fashion wise, as a First Lady.
 Melania has been in the process of undergoing a subtle style change over the course of this election, becoming more professional and conservative as the election continued.
 While some elements of her style have remained, such as pastel colored clothing, she has added new elements to her style, such as shoulder robing(draping a traditionally long coat in Melania’s case, over one's shoulders). She has also taken to wearing tops with  higher necklines, knee length skirts, shift dresses, and jump suits.
 Many clothing items she has also been sporting while accompanying her husband on the campaign trail are from brands such as Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, Net-A-Porter, and Chanel. One of the many differences between Melania and current first lady, Michelle Obama, would be their choice of brands. Melania sticks to shopping high end brands. In contrast, Michelle is known for mixing lower end brands into her wardrobe, such as J.Crew, H&M, and Target.

 While it does not seem likely that Trump will trade in her high-end brands, she would be smart to follow Obama’s thoughtful dressing, who is known for strategically wearing brands based in the country she is currently in(like sporting Italian brands in Italy), and sticking to mostly American brands.This would not be hard for Melania, who is already a strategic dresser, trading in her usual pastel palette for patriotic colors when attending Trump rallies, and of course the subtle change and “cleaning up” of her style over the past few months.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Entertaining yourself and others: a guide for singers

Jennifer Abele
Staff Writer

These beautiful songs are from famous Broadway Musicals and are suggested because they’re known for showing the range of an individual’s voice. These songs can be used to audition for the spring musical or chamber choir, or to sing as a hobby.

1. “If I Were a Rich Man” from Fiddler on the Roof is a song about hope and being optimistic. I suggest this famous song because it is really beautiful and positive.
2. “Ol’ Man River” from Show Boat is an amazing song about black history and going down the Mississippi River. I suggest this song because it has a nice range for baritone singers without completely coming out of the basement.
3. “Stars” from Les Miserable is my favorite male solo. I suggest it because it’s powerful, dominant, and filled with hope.
4. “Some Enchanted Evening” from South Pacific is a well known favorite because it’s very romantic. You always need a dash of romance even if you haven’t experienced an actual relationship.
5. “If Ever I would leave you” from Camelot  is my favorite song from Camelot because it shows the love story between Lancelot and Genoveve. This song shows the upper range of a baritone, and it’s very attractive.

1. “Santa Fe” from Newsies is a good song for an audition because it’s about a teenage boy trying to build a life for himself, and raising money as a newspaper boy to live  in Santa Fe someday.
2. “On the Street Where you Live” from My Fair Lady is about another hopeless romantic who just met the girl of his dreams, and continues to walk in the clouds as he walks down her street.
3. “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera is a great piece because Andrew Lloyd creates such beautifully written art while showing off the higher range of your voice.
4. “Younger than Springtime” from South Pacific is overwhelmingly romantic for singers who have experienced long distant relationships, and it’s perfect for showing your upper range.
5.“Something’s coming” from West Side Story is very beautiful and hopeful that something out of today will be great even if this moment isn’t so great.

1.“What I did for love” from A Chorus Line  is suggested because it shows acceptance of putting past relationships behind ourselves which is always difficult.  It’s also important to cherish the memories that were shared between one another because they were very special.
2. “Broadway Baby” from Follies is suggested because the song has a perfect range for an alto without becoming uncomfortable.
3. “There are worse things I could do” from Grease this is suggested as a well known alto piece that shows off their voice while still being comfortable.
4. “As Long As He Needs Me” from Oliver is suggested as the ultimate alto songs because it’s a very beautiful story with a perfect range.
5. “The Trolley Song”  from Meet me in St. Louis is suggested as a beautiful piece that is your element of fun with a bubbly personality.

Mezzo Soprano:
1. “I Cain’t Say No”  from Oklahoma is suggested for an audition for innocent naive romantics.
2. “Maybe This Time” from Cabaret is suggested as an audition for jazz and is very hopeful for a long lasting relationship. It tells the story of previously very rocky relationships that didn’t work out, or ended badly.
3. “On My Own” from Les Miserables is suggested as a personal favorite for showing off your range as well as your comfort.
4. “Someone Like you” from Jekyll and Hyde is suggested as a personal favorite that as scum of the earth you’re reminded by him that you’re able to find the one by being yourself.
5. “Don’t Cry for me Argentina” from Evita continues to be a famous classic for auditioning because Evita is very well spoken, and powerful.

1. “Falling in love with love” from The Boys From Syracuse is suggested for girls who have been unlucky with love. Also girls who feel that love isn’t real for all the “Negative Nancys” out there.
2. “Glitter and be Gay” from Cunegonde is suggested for people who love to be overly dramatic. This song is perfect for girls showcasing all their high notes, and girls who love their jewelry.
3. “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” from Sound of Music is suggested as a beautiful song to the iconic show “The Sound of Music” to always remain hopeful and optimistic.
4. “Something Wonderful” from The King and I is suggested for ladies who are very loyal, romantic, and dedicated in their relationship.
5. “Til There Was You” from The Music Man is suggested for sopranos who have protected themselves from falling in love before, have dropped their defenses, and have fallen in love.

These songs allow every voice part to shine in their own way. Don’t forget to bow and break a leg because there’s no business like show business.