Saturday, October 12, 2013

iOS 7 is a Taste of the Future

Roland Massimino
Staff Writer

On September 18, 2013, Apple released iOS 7 for compatible Apple products. iOS 7 is a software update for Apple products and all iDevices. Updates come out every so often; usually iPhone updates appear in spring but were delayed until fall in this case. There was never more hype for an update then there was for iOS 7. So, on Sept. 18, most everybody took to their iPhones and iPads to obtain the new update. Although the update was different, this was overshadowed by the amount of time it took to load onto the phone.
  People waited for days upon days for the whole update to finish. Complaints were flying in left and right about the waiting. Connor Smith was one of many: “It took an hour for my phone to update, it was longer than necessary, but I think it was worth the wait.” While waiting for a phone to update was annoying and time consuming, the update met expectations and beyond. On the other hand Matt Steele was delighted with the time it took to update his phone: “It only took me about 30 minutes. It was definitely worth it for that amount of time, I'm very pleased.”  
  From the lock screen to the home screen, iOS 7 has a new look. First off, the icon for “slide to unlock” is changed and is no longer a bar, but just words. Also, the font for the time and date has changed and become thinner. As you open and close apps, the transition is different. Multiple people said that the update was “Droid like.” Comparing iOS 7 to a Droid this observation is false. “The Droid software is not as sophisticated, almost childlike compared to the iPhone,” says Matt Steele who is familiar with the look of the Droid. Overall there was a positive reaction to iOS 7 after all the wait. With new slide up and slide down menus, it is easier to navigate. This includes a flashlight built into the phone. Some students complained like Brendan Ondick who said: “I like it, but it seems to be a little slower than before.” While some bash the new system, New Hope-Solebury Ben Muzekari gives it praise saying “It’s amazing, futuristic.”
  Most people have adopted the new software on iPhones and iPads. Although there are complaints and compliments now, iOS 7 will soon become the standard and the old software will become obsolete. As time will pass, iOS 7 will eventually become outdated and new software will take the limelight. For now, we can only wonder what it will be.

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