Monday, October 7, 2013

Madden 25 May Be The Best Yet

Clay Asplundh

The 25th Edition of Madden recently released, and it was one of the most anticipated releases in Madden history. Madden 25 is claimed to be the best Madden yet and has many new and improved features.
 Madden 25’s graphics are barely improved from last year, if at all. Madden also has an all new running game (which can be extremely overpowered at times) and the blocking is much improved compared to previous Maddens. One positive sign is that this year all the post-play glitches have been cut down, where in previous years at least every quarter it looked as if someone just completely broke everything in their body without even being touched.
 For the most part, Madden 25 does not have any new game modes. Connected careers, one of the most popular game modes in Madden, is about the same as last year but can still be very entertaining if you grab some friends to play a season with. Although no changes were made to connected careers, Ultimate Team had plenty of them. Now in Ultimate Team, you can participate in a season, going up against random online opponents. For every game that you win, you get moved up a level and you need a total of five wins to make the playoffs. Once you make the playoffs, you can start to earn virtual currency and each time you move up a level in the playoffs more and more currency is available for the taking. The eventual goal is to win the Super Bowl.
 Although no major improvements were made, Madden 25 as a whole was much improved compared to previous years. For all of that, Madden 25 deserves a respectable rating of 8.5/10.

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