Monday, October 7, 2013

GTA expands the possibilities of gaming

Arian Behpour
Arts & Entertainment Editor

From the small details to the explosive cinematics, the creators of Grand Theft Auto 5 have really outdone every single aspect of their game. GTA 5 is one of the most well-rounded games ever made. Between flying a jet liner above the skyscrapers to practicing your topspin there is no detail unpolished. The storyline follows Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, three criminals that cross paths and decide to work together. The writing is top notch and the characters’ story arcs are well woven. Each character feels like another person, because of the different traits, abilities, and hobbies each possess. This helps make the gameplay more approachable from different angles since you can switch in a moments notice to another character during missions.
 The gameplay in GTA 5 has been tweaked tremendously since the last installment. The newest addition to the game is flying and swimming underneath water, this gives the world width and length. Also, this helps make storyline missions feel more diverse since you can be swimming, flying, and driving. Since you are able to switch characters in missions there is a heightened level of choice when interacting with missions. Now, you can play as Trevor from the rooftops from afar during a shootout or get close and personal on the streets as Michael. If there was one small flaw is that this gameplay ability is not  used to its full potential, because some missions I’d rather have Franklin driving but the game did not give this option. This is because Franklin is a great driver, Michael is a precise shooter, and Trevor is plain crazy. One other small complaint is that the bare handed fighting was lessened since the last game, because there is less choice in how to fist fight. Aside from storyline missions the game offers a vast world full of small details that bring it to life, like random robberies and crazy protesters.
 Los Santos is as close as a game can get to simulating a real breathing city. The city is based on LA and adds its own spin to the famous cities landmarks with jokes like the Vinewood sign. The graphics are top notch, from the scenery, lighting, and animations. Even though GTA 5’s worlds usually center around killing and stealing, this game focuses more on the classical fun and less devilish antics. Yes, the most enjoyable parts of GTA 5 may be flying over the city in a jet flyer or biking up a mountain. These moments are more enjoyable than most of the chaotic shootouts in GTA 5. Overall, GTA 5 made a statement with their new entry into the series and they backed it up with maybe one of the best games ever made.

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