Monday, June 6, 2016

Tagpro is Taking Over

Shargo, TLups, and JSharks
Staff Writers

Throughout the last month of school, Tagpro has taken the school by storm. What is Tagpro? That is the question on virtually every non MLTP (Major League TagPro) player’s mind. Tagpro is an online capture the flag game that you can play with friends. Students throughout NHS have been teaming up and battling each other almost everyday, creating rivalries, dream teams, and bitter debates as to who is atop of the league. John Sharkey, an avid fan of Tagpro and Captain of the Dream Team, states that “Tagpro left us for a while, but you know what they say ‘if you love something let it go, and if it truly loves you back it will come back in your life’.”   
 Some may be asking, “What is the dream team?” or “Who is on the Dream Team?” Well the dream team is the most dominating Tagpro team in the scene since the rebirthing process, after the collapse of previous server (KoalaBeast, RIP). The team runs a 2-3 with Barnacle Boy (Josh Elefante), Jsharks (John Sharkey), and TLups (Tommy Lupo) manning the defensive side of the flag. As for offense, Shargo (Clay Asplundh), and 2iH (Sam Lombardi) who man the attack. Teamwork is key in this strategic capture the flag game. One player can’t make the difference, but a few strategic players can.
 The game itself is a simple minded game but the competitive nature of the players is what makes each match so intense. Players across NHS face off in matches looking to prove who is the best of the best and take home bragging rights. With the year winding down TagPro has been the focus of many students. Mainly the sophomores and juniors, who also have a budding rivalry. As of late many games have featured the two sides facing off against one another with the juniors always on top. As the talent for the sophomores continues to lessen, the juniors are looking for challenges elsewhere. Officials of the JTPS (Junior Tagpro Squad) have reached out to high-ranking officials in the tagpro community looking for solid competition, but nobody has been found. Clearly the juniors outmatch every opponent and don’t see a loss coming towards them anytime soon. Hopefully in the near future the juniors will be able to find somebody that can give them a close game.

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