Friday, October 3, 2014

Chris Pratt to Star in New Jurassic Park

Heather Borochaner
Staff Writer

 Chris Pratt, who recently played the character Peter Quill, better known as Star-Lord in the worldwide hit movie Guardians of the Galaxy, will have the leading role as the character Owen in the new Jurassic Park installment tentatively entitled Jurassic World.
 Pratt will be playing a raptor observer who works at the park, which has now been opened to the public for quite a while, despite the earlier problems that plagued the island. Remember, this movie takes place 22 years after the events of the first movie. Since dinosaurs have been once again walking the Earth in the park for a while now, the crowds in the park are beginning to thin, which leads geneticists in the park to create a new dinosaur, the Diabolus Rex, better known as D-Rex.
 D-Rex is a genetically modified dinosaur with the genes of T-Rex, Velociraptor, different species of snakes, and cuttlefish. With this new star test tube dinosaur, the owners of Jurassic World are convinced that this new attraction will bring back the crowds. Until, due to its unpredictable behavior, the D-Rex escapes and causes trouble. Oops!
 It was rumored that there will be a fight between the D-Rex and Pratt, but no spoilers or details have been given, and that’s probably for the best. “It’s going to be awesome,” was all Pratt revealed to an interviewer about his role in the movie. Jurassic World is set to air in theaters on June 12th, 2015.

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