Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What to expect from Melania Trump in the way of Fashion

Riley Brennan
Features and A&E Editor

The aftermath of President-elect Donald Trump’s victory has been anything but peaceful. Many Americans have made their shock and anger present, whether it be taking to the internet, going to rallies, calling for the end of the electoral college, etc. While the country does not seem to have cooled down completely, speeches about unity and moving forward, from the current president, Barack Obama, and the democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, have helped many people around the country reach a point of acceptance with the results of the election. With the idea of moving forward in mind, a new conversation has been started, focusing on Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, and what can be expected from her fashion wise, as a First Lady.
 Melania has been in the process of undergoing a subtle style change over the course of this election, becoming more professional and conservative as the election continued.
 While some elements of her style have remained, such as pastel colored clothing, she has added new elements to her style, such as shoulder robing(draping a traditionally long coat in Melania’s case, over one's shoulders). She has also taken to wearing tops with  higher necklines, knee length skirts, shift dresses, and jump suits.
 Many clothing items she has also been sporting while accompanying her husband on the campaign trail are from brands such as Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, Net-A-Porter, and Chanel. One of the many differences between Melania and current first lady, Michelle Obama, would be their choice of brands. Melania sticks to shopping high end brands. In contrast, Michelle is known for mixing lower end brands into her wardrobe, such as J.Crew, H&M, and Target.

 While it does not seem likely that Trump will trade in her high-end brands, she would be smart to follow Obama’s thoughtful dressing, who is known for strategically wearing brands based in the country she is currently in(like sporting Italian brands in Italy), and sticking to mostly American brands.This would not be hard for Melania, who is already a strategic dresser, trading in her usual pastel palette for patriotic colors when attending Trump rallies, and of course the subtle change and “cleaning up” of her style over the past few months.

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