Friday, October 28, 2016

The League of Friendship on stage and off

Jen Abele
Staff Writer

 “Always a Bridesmaid” is about four friends making a vow at their senior prom to attend each other’s weddings as bridesmaids. They kept their tight woven promise for over 30 years by being their bridesmaids at all of their weddings. Deedra must figure out what to wear to Monette’s third wedding after being robbed. She must also decide whether she’ll remarry her cheating ex husband or her fiancé. Charlie has to decide whether or not to marry Fletcher the exterminator. Sedalia continues to persuade and fight with the bride to prevent her from becoming a runaway bride.
  Libby Ruth has the typical healthy marriage with a big heart who is played by Anne Chapin, Charlie the environmental rainbow played by Fiona Male, Monette the flashy vivacious spirit played by Marissa Miller, Deedra the stubborn headstrong personality that discovers her husband’s cheating ways played by Shaelyn Parker, Kari the sweet and loving daughter of Libby Ruth played by Flo Minniti, and Sedalia the crazy humorous wedding planner who hasn’t had a single bride leave with cold feet played by Grace Zander.   
 The production of “Always a Bridesmaid” was directed by Katie Yandle,  a senior who has been in five Mask and Zany Productions. Anne Chapin, who  is also senior who has been in five Mask and Zany productions, and continues to shine through her spotlight. Fiona Male is a senior who has had the honor to become president of the Mask and Zany club. Flo Minniti is a senior who has been in seven Mask and Zany productions. Marissa Miller is a senior who has been in six Mask and Zany productions, and dreams of continuing her theater career in the future. Shaelyn Parks is a senior who has had the honor to become the Vice President of Mask and Zany.Grace Zander is a junior who just joined Mask and Zany this year.   
 The stage crew has also brought “Always a Bridesmaid” to life behind the scenes.The lighting design was by Morgan M. Manfredi, technical director was by Ed Young, Light board operator was Michael Howell, volunteer coordinator was Ginny Brennan, Videography was by Mr. and Mrs. Giorgi, Photography was by Amy Parker, Marketing was by Jackie Searle, Video Advertising was by Bernie Del Prado, Snack stand was by Ginny Brennan, and Marquee board was by Katie Yandle. As well as the running crew listed as follows; Sam Renson, Quinn Kirlew, Sophia Borzilleri, Quinn Reinert, Charlotte Bramich, Emily Walton, Christina Hochberger, Will Renson, Justine Schauble, Ben Dupont, and Kaylee Lynch. Katie Yandle and Lola Dardzinski were in charge of costumes, and Katie was also in charge of set design. Carol Yandle, Tali Natan, and Sophia Carroll also created art. The sound board operators were McAfee Madding, Henry Chouteau, and  Russell Mercatanti.
 Mask and Zany welcomes Bernie Del Prado into Mask and Zany. Mask and Zany also recognizes the seniors; Amanda Hipple, Quinn Kirlew, Fiona Male, Anne Chapin, Katie Yandle, Marissa Miller, Flo Minniti, Shaelyn Parker, Tali Natan, and Samantha Renson. Break a leg!  

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