Friday, September 30, 2016

New shows and movies join Netflix library

Morgan Amberson
Staff Writer

Netflix is an outlet for those who wish to escape from reality. Whether you are watching The Office for a laugh on a glum day or American Horror Story when you are in the mood for terror, Netflix is the place to be.
 New movies and television shows have been added to Netflix this month, sparking much excitement. This month there have been new additions to Netflix that have gotten people talking. Ranging from movies to television shows, the newly added shows have sparked much excitement. New to Netflix is a series called Shameless. This dramatic addition is a comedic British series and centers around a dysfunctional Chicago family who try to cope with their alcoholic father. Since most of the children in the series are in high school, the show will present a different side of high school life. Other television shows that have been added to Netflix are: Narcos, Prison Break, Once Upon a Time, Blue Bloods, Z Nation and Blacklist. Prison Break and Once Upon a Time are most likely to be enjoyed by the students.

 Also new to Netflix are several movies that people have been eagerly awaiting. One of which is The Finest Hours. This action packed film is about a ship that is caught in a terrible storm, which causes the ship to break in half and trap 30 sailors in the sinking stern. It is up to the engineer, who voluntarily took the role in organizing an escape, to save the sailors. If you are looking for suspense, The Finest Hours is for you. Other movies that have been added to the site are: Saving Private Ryan, Joyful Noise, Deadset, We Need to Talk, and more.  

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