Monday, March 7, 2016

Deadpool: A “Marvel”ous Relief

Elizabeth Both
Opinions Editor

Ryan Reynolds has been relishing it up in his Deadpool costume. Released on Feb. 12, Deadpool is not the typical superhero movie owned under Disney’s control. 20th Century Fox finally gave in after years and years, and gave the film the green light in fall 2014.
 In July 2014, leaked test footage for Deadpool was released online (most likely by Reynolds himself, as he has discussed in many interviews), and the internet basically blew up.
 Die hard fans wrote to and slammed their way into Fox’s studio, and soon Fox was given no other option but to finally give the Deadpool team the thumbs up to finish the film.
 Deadpool is the antihero name for the mercenary Wade Wilson. Without reading the comic books, and just seeing Reynolds marketing trailers for the film, the movie does a clean, thorough job with showing how Reynolds ends up being the ultimate Merc with a Mouth.
 To sum it up: Deadpool is an origin film. It slices and dices with unwavering filthy humor that serves its hard R rating. This is the first Marvel film to be given the infamous “R” rating, as Disney has chosen not go down that specific route.
 Going into the theater (don’t worry, I am 17!) I was skeptical of the violence (even though I watch The Walking Dead), but the goriness was much less compared to The Walking Dead.
 Deadpool is raunchy, but it's the perfect amount of raunchiness to compliment Wilson in the red costume. You can tell that everyone involved in this movie had a great time writing, shooting, and editing.
 Ryan Reynolds has had such a weird movie career, from being a college douche, to just being an older adult jerk, to The Green Lantern (which Reynolds LOVES to poke fun at in the film). After a steady career of making movies (which may or may have not been all box-office bombs), Deadpool finally gives the star his time to shine. There’s Hugh Jackman ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ jokes, Wham! jokes, and a Ferris Bueller nod. Honestly, the jokes are endless in this film.
 The movie isn’t a revelation, but watching it makes you feel a sense of relief, compared to typical Disney Marvel films. Deadpool feels honest in its development,with humor that everyone can relate to and enjoy.
 BUT, I highly recommend NOT to bring children or younger siblings to this movie. The filthy humor is delivered quite to its hype, with Reynolds spewing out curse words like a sailor.
 The marketing for this film was outrageously funny. Watch any of Reynold’s YouTube clips that feature Deadpool sitting on a couch. It’s just 30 seconds, but it's enough to sell you on the whole film, and that is what got me and so many other people hyped for it.
 One favorite line from the film is when Colossus (an all CGI X-men made of metal), is dragging Deadpool and tells him he’s taking him to see Charles Xavier. Deadpool quips back with “Mcavoy or Stewart? These timelines are so confusing.” This is just one of the lines that proves that Deadpool is meta and in with the time.
 It’s 2016. Superhero movies are at their ultimate peak. DC is making a comeback, and an all-out war against two major studio heads will fallout this year. (Batman V Superman vs. Captain America: Civil War...who will make more money? And why can’t they just face off each other instead?). Deadpool is its own standalone film. The fact that Reynolds could team up with James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence in a future film is utterly hilarious, because Deadpool will probably just tear them apart….with Wham! jokes.

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