Friday, May 16, 2014

Firefly Music Festival

Hannah Lelie
Arts and Entertainment Editor

The end of the year is coming to a close, and graduation is nearing. But the really excitement for so many students is the Firefly Music Festival. The festival takes place the the weekend after graduation, June 19-22. Firefly is located in The Woodlands of Dover, DE. The four day event has a lot to offer, musical and cultural.
 The festival has over one hundred artists and bands playing on six different stages. The headliners of the four days are Local Natives, Foo Fighters, Outkast,and Jack Johnson, the other popular artists are Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons, Pretty Lights, The Lumineers, Beck, Ziggy Marley, and so many other great bands.
 Most of the festival goers are going to be camping out for the four days. The concert goers will be entertained and immersed in culture all hours of the day and night. Not only does the festival have six stages but also a coffee house with a big break stage. The Thicket is another popular spot, it’s a dance party in the woods but without the booming base. As soon as you walk in the front doors you are handed a set of wireless headphones for a silent dance party. The woods is full of popular hide away spots for relaxation like the Hammock Hangout and the Pathway, which features beautiful lights that light up the night.
 Firefly is going all out this year they website says: “We'll be bringing a variety of food options to Firefly in an effort to provide you with a well-rounded experience. We want you to feel good about what food you're eating to fuel yourself throughout the weekend.”
 The Hub is a located near the campsites and offers fresh fruits and yoga classes before you go to see all the bands.
 Every second will be filled with either relaxation or exciting entertainment. This is a destination music festival where you can get in touch with yourself.